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Think of it as DotA 1.5

The End of DotA [void]

Jul 31, 2018 [2:08 am]

To the patrons of DotA [void] over the years and to our fellow DotA players here and elsewhere,

It's been a wild ride. Thanks for the memories.

Today, I'm turning off the servers. I'll try to host this forum in read-only mode for the lolz, but no guarantees on whether and/or how long that will last.

Before I sign off for the last time, here are some quick stats for the fun of it:

Total games: 760,183
Heroes killed: 39,483,406
Creeps killed: 494,179,001

Unique player names: 428,470
Unique player IPs: 922,812

Cumulative total time spent in-game: 15,134,507,761 seconds (479 years)

Good times -- lifetimes of them.


DV ♥

Feb 8, 2017 [9:13 pm]

DotA void now has a discord server! You can find it here:
Thanks to RealMafia for implementing this!

How 2 Jungle: Kunkka

Jun 8, 2013 [10:49 pm]

WhaleHunter has another video guide! This time it's Kunkka, Master and Commander of the seven seas. Check it out!

Upcoming Tournament - June 1

May 4, 2013 [8:47 pm]

Our next tournament will be on June 1st at 3PM EST, and everyone is welcome to participate. As usual, you can find out more here. All participants will receive a colored name for 2 weeks, and winners will get colored names for a month. Good luck!

Upcoming Tournament - March 23

Mar 17, 2013 [8:13 pm]

We're hosting a tournament on March 23rd, and everyone is invited to participate! See the official thread or the Tournaments page for all the details.

Thanks to Honey-Badger and Prelude for organizing the event.

How 2 Jungle: Batrider

Feb 11, 2013 [10:58 pm]

As promised, here's a jungle guide for Batrider. Have a look and let us know what you think on the forum!

Thanks to WhaleHunter for the video!

How 2 Jungle: Keeper of the Light

Jan 18, 2013 [11:29 pm]

We're kicking off the new year with a new video series called How 2 Jungle! These videos will show how to jungle with those heroes that are usually played in a lane. This should be a really interesting set of videos, and we hope you enjoy them. The first video, as the title suggests, shows a jungle KotL, and the next video will cover Batrider. So leave your feedback on the forum and stay tuned for the next iteration!

Thanks to WhaleHunter for the video!

Forum Games

Jun 10, 2012 [3:55 pm]

Check out the two new games we have on the forums! Mafia and Stocks.

Mafia is a team-based and text-based game where the Villagers try to kill the Mafia and vice versa - except the villagers aren't told who the mafia is! It's a trip, and you should definitely sign up here.Stocks is a game that emulates trading on the stock market, with a major twist: instead of investing in companies, you invest in DotA heroes. Stock prices are based on actual hero performance, so the goal is to invest in cheap (on average low scoring) heroes, play them to bring up their weekly score, and profit! It's a unique game where every man is for himself. Striking it big isn't as simple as you would think, and there is a ton of strategy involved in deciding when and who to buy and sell. Read more here!

Finally, we're always looking for players to play in DV tournaments. As a prize, all tournament winners get in-game colored names until the next tournament. So if tournaments are your thing, then you can read about it and sign up here!

More DotA for your viewing pleasure.

Jun 10, 2012 [3:38 pm]

Thanks to Monsters for the video!

Another DotA Compilation Video

Mar 28, 2012 [11:09 am]

Thanks to WhaleHunter for the video!