Official DotA [void] Tournaments


- A stay percentage of 85% or greater.
- You must not be banned at the time of the tournament.
- You must have the DV Client downloaded.
- It's preferable to have a positive score, some people don't like playing with "noobs". This is not required.
- An account on the forum. This is necessary so that you can use the DV Client, and so you can create/join your team on the forum, which is also required to join a tournament lobby.


Rules:The List of Bannable Offenses

Tournament Info:

Teams:There are no teams at the moment.

Game Mode:Captains Mode (CM)

Additional Info:
*Colored names will only last for 2 months after you received your colored name.
*Your colored name duration will be extended if you won another tournament
*Winning another tournament will give you one of the three options:
-Extending colored name duration
-Giving this prize to another player who have met the requirements
-Changing your colored name
*This event will happen 1-2 times each month